Cat Door Mat For Every Room

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Product description
**3D Mats**
Material:  Polyester Fibre(Short Plush Fbric)
-Advantages: moisture, non-slip, anti-static, wear-resistant, easy to clean, cost-effective.
-Scope: living room, bedroom, bedside den, porch computer chairs, children's room, etc..
-About the color
.Since the scanning and shooting other reasons
.such as the occurrence of physical and picture is slightly different
.please in kind color prevail color carpet industry regulations in the normal allowable range;please understand, thanks
-About cleaning
Hand wash or machine wash service is possible. It is recommended to wacuuming or wipe with a wet rag, dry naturally,
 -About odor
Due to prolonged transport, seals, open ventilation when you receive the product, taste quickly cleared
Products have passed environmental testing, please don't worry
*We have rich experience on carpet custom*
*If you need to customize, please feel free to contact us by anyway *
Please be sure to buy the exact size of the product, please do not imagine to buy, thank you for your understanding.
*****Special Note:
Due to the international logistics and transportation reasons, single length is limited to 60CM, we have to fold it. Please consider carefully when buying, thank you for your understanding and support !!!!
If you can't accept the folding carpet, please don't buy it, thank you for your understanding and support!!!!
​ 1 foot (ft)= 12 inches(in) ,1 inches (in)=2.54 cm ,1 cm=10mm 
 1 foot (ft)= 12 inches(in)=30.48cm=304.8mm 
 1 mm=0.0393701 inches (in)=0.0032808 foot (ft) 
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